I am Katrina’s bodyguard: Salman Khan

Katrina Kaif readily agreed to shake a leg for Bodyguard’s title number, and didn’t even ask for a fee. Not surprisingly, her ‘friend’ Salman Khan also refers to her as part of his family. With this item number, the rumoured ex couple are back on screen together after Yuvvraj (2008),and rumours about their reunion are running strong again.

Ask Salman about it and he shoots back, “What’s there to react? Katrina and I are also doing Ek Tha Tiger together. Likhne waale likhenge jo unka man karega (those who have to write will write whatever they want); they have time to write such things. Why should I waste my energy on it? We would rather work harder on our films.”

A few days back, a tabloid quoted Katrina as saying thus: ‘I can’t deny my equation with him (Salman) has changed.’ But Salman isn’t amused. “What equation? I really don’t know what she said. As far as I am concerned, our equation is absolutely the same as earlier,” says the Dabangg (2010) star.

But doesn’t Salman feel such reports stem from the fact that they were in a relationship earlier? “Did I say so? Or did she say so?” he questions. “We’ve always maintained that we’re good friends and get along absolutely fine.”

And even as they shoot for Kabir Khan’s Ek Tha Tiger, Kat has stated that she’s comfortable working with him. “Yes, she is very comfortable with me and my entire family. In fact, she is a part of the family. We have known her for the longest time now,” says Salman, adding further in jest, “Like in the movie, I play Kareena’s character’s bodyguard, like that I am Katrina’s bodyguard.”

Speaking of Bodyguard, Salman claims he was always aware of its potential. In fact, when the film was being made in Malayalam, he heard the script and thought of picking it up. “I haven’t seen the Malayalam version. Atul (Agnihotri) watched it, but even before he saw it, I had told him, ‘It has an amazing plot. Pick it up. Picture hit ho, flop ho (whether the film is a hit or flop), get the story,’” he says. Considering Salman has done high-flying action in all his films, including Wanted (2009), Dabangg and Ready, is it all physically demanding for him? “The most difficult one in terms of physical strain has been Veer (2010). But so far, I am capable of doing them (stunts) physically and am getting away with it,” he says, adding, “And I say it because I’ve done all the stunts myself in my movies. So I have been extremely lucky to do all the stunts safely and without any injury.”
Excerpts from interview:
After Wanted (2009) and Dabangg (2010), will Bodyguard be your third consecutive Eid blockbuster?
Let the Friday, the film releases decide that. Everyone wants to make a film that will surpass their last films. I’m no different. And today, we have the technical know-how to up the standards but we still haven’t discovered a hit formula. So, all you can do is make a good, sensible, emotional film and leave it at that.
But the expectations from ‘Brand Salman’ have risen?
Expectations are high because people have watched my last few films. But it’s true in other cases too. For example, you always expect a little more from your girlfriend and vice versa (smiles).
Your last two films with Kareena Kapoor, Kyun Ki! (2005)  and Main Aur Mrs Khanna (2009) didn’t work. Will this one break the jinx?
In our film industry, certain people dismiss an on-screen pairing as panvati (jinxed) if their last few films haven’t worked at the Box Office. But I believe that if a heroine is perfectly suited for a particular role, why shouldn’t I get her? In Wanted, we cast Ayesha Takia in the lead because she fit the part. And the film was a superhit!
Is Katrina Kaif doing a cameo in Bodyguard or a special appearance in the title track?
I start out as her bodyguard so she appears in the title song, Aaya Re Aaya… to establish the fact. Later, of course, I become Kareena’s bodyguard.
Is Bodyguard a special film for you since your sister Alvira is co-producing it with husband Atul Agnihotri?
It doesn’t matter who is producing the film. A film is a film. People are going to spend money, from Rs 10 to Rs 400, to watch it. So, my responsibility is towards them. Once audiences like the film and they start coming in numbers, my responsibility towards the producer will be automatically fulfilled.
How is Dabangg 2 shaping up? Have you really written parts of the script?
Dabangg 2 is simply an extension of the first film. Chulbul Pandey is an interesting guy so I think we won’t have any problems with the character. In fact, we have finalised and locked the script of the sequel. I haven’t written anything in the script since it’s completely Arbaaz’s (Khan) film. Since Chulbul has shades of gray, it’s easily to meander into different genres — comedy, action and romance. Now that the character of Chulbul is established, we can easily take it to the next level.
We’ve heard that Chulbul is moving to a metro now?
Yes, Chulbul is moving to a bigger city. (Smiles) Now, there’s a lot more jhol in Dabangg 2.
Many feel you seem to be stuck on action films these days?
Nothing like that, every film has action, even Ready. For instance, you can’t call every film a musical just because it has 4-5 songs. In fact, I had to work harder on Ready because the action scenes had to make you laugh.

Have you lost weight for Ek Tha Tiger?
No, it’s just that I was training hard for the climax of Bodyguard and carried the lean look into Ek Tha Tiger. It has been just 25 days since I wrapped up Bodyguard.
You met Somy Ali recently in Bangkok while shooting for Ready?
Sure, I did. She flew down to Bangkok from Hong Kong because she had some work in Hon Kong. What’s the big deal?
Somy has said that Aishwarya Rai was responsible for your split?
(Smiles) Somy said it, so ask her. I don’t know anything.

No clarifications needed: Katrina Kaif

You might not see actress Katrina Kaif issuing any clarification again. The actress says that there’s no point in correcting gossip that sometimes circulate around.
“What the point in coming out with a clarification. In that case, I am already fanning an existing rumour. The best way to deal with it according to me is to just let it pass,” says Katrina.
Referring to the alleged ongoing cold-war between her and actress Sonakshi Sinha, and further rumours about her not replying to Sonakshi’s apparent text messages, she adds, “What I did is not the point of contention here. The point is what I didn’t want to do. I didn’t want to show the world that it is something that bothers me. In any case, most of the times I don’t get to read or watch TV. I only get to know about such rumours when somebody tells me that he/she has read something about me. Most of the times, I tell the person not to bother about them,” she adds.
Katrina says that it is the main reason why she didn’t hop onto the Twitter bandwagon like her other Bollywood colleagues.
“We anyways talk so much about what we are doing and eating. I don’t think the audience needs to know more of us. It might be an overdose! Since I don’t want to clarify most of the things going around, coming on Twitter at that point of time doesn’t make any sense,” she says.
“I’m far too much of a private person to share everything about my life with the whole world. I’m not against who do, but it’s not something I choose,” she adds.
But the leggy beauty doesn’t want to say never.
“You can never say never. I am very active online, so you never know when I will change my mind. I recently judged an online dance show for the airline I endorse so through that process I came to know about the enormous power that internet has,” she says.

Salman Khan teaches Katrina Kaif to blow whistles

This dosti is getting stronger day by day. Even after their breakup, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif have maintained an excellent rapport with each other. The duo created a lot of buzz recently when they hugged each on the popular television show, ‘Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega’. Salman even requested Kat to star in a special item number in his soon to release movie ‘Bodyguard’.

The item song, ‘Aaya re aaya Bodyguard’ will be a high point of the movie and has Katrina and Salman grooving to the tunes of Himesh Reshammiya. During the shooting of the song, Katrina was asked to blow six whistles. However, Kat did not know how to whistle and failed to do so despite repeated attempts. As a result, the ever so chivalrous Salman stepped in and helped Katrina get her act right. In fact, later Salman himself blew the whistles in the song for Katrina.
  Hhmmm…we wonder what is going on between the two. The ‘good friends’ stance notwithstanding, their fondness for each other seems to be only growing with time. Salman and Katrina will soon be seen in Yash Raj Film’s ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and in another untitled Dharma Productions venture.

First Look: Salman and Katrina starrer, 'Ek Tha Tiger'

With two helicopters in the air, moving clouds, and a swaying scarf - Yash Raj Films (YRF) has released a one-of-its-kind digital poster for its upcoming film "Ek Tha Tiger", featuring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. The digital poster starts with the words - "All his life he fought for his country, this time he will fight for his love". It pans into a wide view of a populated city, and gradually depicts a silhoutte of a well-built man with a scarf flying from his neck. Though the face isn't visible, it is easy to guess that it is Salman. He is also seen with a revolver each in his hand.
The poster, the full impact of which can be seen on www.ekthatiger.com, is earthy in shade, and yellowish in tone.
Directed by Kabir Khan and produced by Aditya Chopra, the romantic thriller started shooting its first schedule on Wednesday, said a press statement.
The film, to be released worldwide on June 1, 2012, is based on a story by Aditya, while the screenplay and dialogues have been written by Kabir and Neelesh Misra.

Katrina slaps Imran 16 times!

Bollywood actor Imran Khan got slapped 16 times -- and that too by his co-star Katrina Kaif! Before one draws any conclusions, Imran had to go through the torture for a scene in their upcoming film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, releasing September 9.The romantic comedy, helmed by debutant       
director Ali Abbas Zafar, had a scene where Katrina had to slap Imran. But to the actor's misfortune, Katrina took more than 16 takes to get the slap right!

"We did that scene 16 times... 16 takes and finally the packup happened," Imran told reporters here.

"Next day when I came onto the sets for the next scene, I was told that Katrina is not very happy with the scene that we did yesterday so she wants to shoot it again, only the slapping part. So we did more takes," he added.

A much-amused Katrina justified herself by saying that she is quite a perfectionist. "I take a while to get into the mood of the scene. The first time I slapped him, I didn't get the feel right. It's important to be convinced with the scene you are doing. So till the time it wasn't perfect, we did it," she added.

Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is a love triangle that also stars Pakistani actor-musician Ali Zafar. Imran, who is playing a central character in the film, also revealed that initially he didn't want to be part of the film.

"Aditya Chopra had called me last year and told me that I want you to meet this boy Ali. He is directing his first film and has a lot of talent. Then I met Ali and he told me that I'm making a film called Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. I didn't say anything but I thought ... 'What a horrible title'.

"Then he told me that it's a story of this guy who finds a girl for his brother and then himself falls in love with her. So I thought that it sounds like such a bad story. I didn't tell him all this, but just said that I will call him," narrated Imran. It was actually Imran's mother, actor Aamir Khan's sister, who egged him on to take up the project.

"I did not read the script, but my mom found the script and read it. She called me and told me that I should read the script and do this film because it is hilarious. So I read it, I loved it and finally decided to do it. His script just won me over. Initially I was not doing it, but now I'm so glad that I did it," added Imran.

Katrina Kaif visits Kashmir

If anybody ever decides to remake ‘Kashmir Ki Kali’, actress Katrina Kaif would definitely be the first choice to essay the role which Sharmila Tagore played in the original. The glowing clear skin; shapely eyebrows; delicate features and a warm smile, Kat has all the characteristics of a true Kashmiri girl. And why should she not have them? She herself is half Kashmiri!
Though her father, Mohammed Kaif, hails from the state of Jammu and Kashmir Katrina had never got a chance to visit her father’s native place. She was provided with this opportunity recently during the shooting of a reality show in Kashmir. Sources tell us that Katrina was extremely excited when she set foot on Kashmiri soil and said that she had always thought of the place as something out of the fairy tales.
When asked about how she enjoyed the Kashmir trip Katrina said in an excited tone,”… I feel there is a time for everything and may be this was the time that Kashmir was supposed to happen.”

MBKD is on the line of Dharamji's Chupke Chupke—Katrina

Sexy siren Katrina Kaif, who will be seen sporting a rockstar avatar in YRF’s ‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan,' in a recent interview with IANS, stated that her upcoming film is on the lines of the 1975’s hit slapstick ‘Chupke Chupke’.
While Hrishikesh’s Mukherjee’s ‘Chupke Chupke’ featured Dharmendra, Amitabh and Sharmila Tagore in lead roles, Ali Abbas Zafar’s imminent film MBKD stars Katrina, Imran and Ali Zafar as main characters.
However, Kat didn’t spill the beans about how her film is related to the 1975’s slapstick, but talking about MBKD, the actress told IANS, "It's on the line of Dharamji's Chupke Chupke."

Katrina on her rockstar look
From glamorous to non-glamorous roles, Katrina has tried her hands at all. The actress’ sober look in ‘Raajneeti’ impressed her fans as much as her sizzling avatar in ‘Sheila Ki Jawani.'
Now in MBKD, the babelicious babe is all set to woo her admires with her all new rockstar look.
When asked about her versatile appearances, Kat said that she wants to keep the audiences entertained by playing fresh characters.
She further added that if she keeps on doing similar kind of roles, then the moviegoers will be turned off and feel that she as an actress has not put in any efforts.
Talking about her diverse looks, Katrina stated, "Small things make the difference. You are doing two films a year. Even if you are showing something, which is a little different from the previous film, then the audience doesn't get bored.”
"If I can do 15 percent better or add on something with every film, then people would not bear the impression that I am not putting in my hard work," she added.

Katrina: Everyone respects everyone's individuality in the industry
Besides MBKD, the Brit-Indian bombshell Katrina will also be seen in YRF’s two more future projects: out is a Salman starrer and the other has Shahrukh as the male lead.
The fact that the actress will be doing two YRF films with the two arch rivals Salman and SRK has created a flutter in the industry.
However, Kaif has set the records straight by stating that neither she nor Salman or Shahrukh has any problem, as they respect each one’s individuality.
Kat told IANS, "There is a problem, there is a misconception that the media has (that there is a camp system). We all have different equations. Friendly, not so friendly, but everyone respects everyone's individuality. There are really no camps or something like that."

My equation with Salman has changed, says Katrina
After a long hiatus, Katrina will be seen romancing Salman onscreen. So is she uncomfortable sharing screen space with her ex-flame?
Well, Kat expresses that her equation with Salman has changed for sure now, nut they still continue to be good friends.
Kat, as quoted by Mid Day as stating, “Well, it's been a while since we've worked together apart from a few cameos now and then. I can't deny my equation with him has changed. It does with everyone. But we are still very good friends and that's not changed.”

It can get lonely: Katrina Kaif

Actress Katrina Kaif has had an eventful journey in Bollywood and she credits all success to people who have stood by her throughout. While people have gone and come, a few of them have stood by her through her good and bad times.
Talking about it she says, “There have been different people at different times in life. My family has always been by my side, my management guys who have worked with me. You do make friends but sometimes that changes as well. Some people come into your lives and then they go away.”
As an actress she has improved and grown, but she finds it difficult to rate herself as an actress.
“I would never be able to rate myself. My job is to entertain, do a good job and get better with each film. It is the audiences decision to judge how good I am.”
While it is a life, most people dream of living, Katrina admits that it does get lonely at times, especially because of the hectic lives that actors lead.
“It gets very difficult at times. Doing a film takes up so much of your time because when you do a film you are absolutely into it. For three months that unit becomes your family and then once the film wraps up, that world ends. You are constantly on the move and that can get lonely at times but you have to understand that is how it functions and look forward.”
While talking about friends, much has been written about her apparent equation with actor Deepika Padukone. Without even battling an eyelid, she says, “Too much has been written about me and my apparent equation with Deepika and everyone. Basically anyone and everyone is written about. Whenever I interact with any of them, I am cordial and things are fine.”
While we are at it, we ask her if it is possible for two actors to be friends and she says, “That depends on every individual. You may be able to make friends with people you are working with or you may not. I guess the issue is time because we are constantly on the move. But that really is subjective.”

Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan expected at Abu Dhabi premiere

ABU DHABI // The capital will get a taste of Bollywood glamour in September when Marina Mall hosts the world premiere of Imran Khan's latest film Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.
The red carpet event, on September 7, will be held at the mall's Vox Cinemas.

Stars such as Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar and the film director Ali Abbas Zafar are all expected to attend, according to the Bollywood film channel Zee Aflam, which is partnering the event.
The musical romantic comedy is set in the middle-class communities of northern India where Kush Agnihotri (played by Khan) falls in love with his brother's fiancée.
Tamer Al Sherbini, the head of marketing at Zee Aflam, said the event would highlight Bollywood's "amazing fan-following among Arabs".
The event follows other high profile Bollywood premieres in the UAE, including Shah Rukh Khan's blockbuster My Name is Khan at Emirates Palace last year during the Abu Dhabi Film Festival and Mohit Suri's Crook: It's Good to be Bad at the Grand Cineplex in Dubai last October.