It can get lonely: Katrina Kaif

Actress Katrina Kaif has had an eventful journey in Bollywood and she credits all success to people who have stood by her throughout. While people have gone and come, a few of them have stood by her through her good and bad times.
Talking about it she says, “There have been different people at different times in life. My family has always been by my side, my management guys who have worked with me. You do make friends but sometimes that changes as well. Some people come into your lives and then they go away.”
As an actress she has improved and grown, but she finds it difficult to rate herself as an actress.
“I would never be able to rate myself. My job is to entertain, do a good job and get better with each film. It is the audiences decision to judge how good I am.”
While it is a life, most people dream of living, Katrina admits that it does get lonely at times, especially because of the hectic lives that actors lead.
“It gets very difficult at times. Doing a film takes up so much of your time because when you do a film you are absolutely into it. For three months that unit becomes your family and then once the film wraps up, that world ends. You are constantly on the move and that can get lonely at times but you have to understand that is how it functions and look forward.”
While talking about friends, much has been written about her apparent equation with actor Deepika Padukone. Without even battling an eyelid, she says, “Too much has been written about me and my apparent equation with Deepika and everyone. Basically anyone and everyone is written about. Whenever I interact with any of them, I am cordial and things are fine.”
While we are at it, we ask her if it is possible for two actors to be friends and she says, “That depends on every individual. You may be able to make friends with people you are working with or you may not. I guess the issue is time because we are constantly on the move. But that really is subjective.”

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