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Katrina Kaif, who lives in swanky apartments and big houses as her on-screen self, in real life, has to make do with circumstances less favourable. With the onset of monsoon, her top floor flat in a building on Waterfield road, Bandra (West) has heavy leakage from the roof.

Even most of the walls of every conceivable area have damp patches. Thankfully, her bedroom has remained unaffected by the wrath of the weather God.

Needless to say, Kat is again out on a house hunt. This is definitely not the first time the actress has been driven to look for a flat. Situated on the main road (Waterfield Road), the flat faces two pubs.

The location has given miscreants an easy access to the star's residence. After a few incidents of fans trying to force their way in, Kat had decided to shift out. However, with film commitments, out-station shoot schedules and a busy schedule, the actress had been unable to look for a suitable accommodation in the past.

In fact, when her sister Isabelle was about to finish her studies in London and relocate to India and stay with her, Katrina was out looking for a bigger, better place. This was way back in 2009. The actress, who has lived in the building named Guldev Sagar for quite some time now, started looking out for flats in the nearby area. Soon after this, reports of Salman Khan planning to gift her a new home on Valentine's day surfaced.

Along with her relationship, rumours of the real estate gift too ended. However, the miseries did not. While last year's monsoon forced the actress to trudge through muck since the drains on the roads choked up, this year, she has literally been thrown out of her living room.

A source after a recent visit to the actress' house, informed, "When one enters Katrina's home, the first they will see is the beautiful living room. Sadly, with the onset of monsoon, the room, which could have been beautiful, has been rendered unlivable. The ceiling is made of wood and glass. However, most portions are leaking. Also the walls have damp patches. And that's just the living room."

The other rooms have not escaped the forces of nature either. "Katrina's apartment is almost entirely affected by the rains. Though the living room is the worst affected, other rooms have not been spared. Even the kitchen walls have damp patches. It's damp and cold. It will make anybody feel sick and gloomy. It's a huge flat. And a very beautiful one. But one can hardly stay in flat that leaks," added the source.

One might wonder how Katrina is managing in a flat like that all this season. "While every room has damp walls, luckily, the bed room remains untouched by the rain. Thank god for that," the source concluded.

However, the actress who has been planning to shift out for a long time now, seems to be finding no time to actually concentrate on the house hunt. "Katrina wants to look for a flat. She had got this flat repaired twice before.

Each monsoon, for the past couple of years, she has had to repair the ceiling as well as the walls. But how long can one keep getting their house repainted? She has to look out for a new flat. Preferably before the next monsoon. But she has no time.

She has too many films on her plate right now. The promotions of Mere Brother Ki Dulhann will begin soon. And then she has the film with Yash Chopra opposite Shah Rukh Khan. She will however, have to find a home fast," informed a friend of the actress.

With the rain God drenching her with miseries, we sincerely hope, the other Gods help her with a good real estate agent. And soon.

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