Salman and I are a part of each other's lives -- Katrina

The Brit-Indian bombshell Katrina Kaif, who made her acting debut with a flop ‘Boom’, has today become one of the reigning Bollywood queens, thanks to her ex-flame and superstar Salman Khan.

Well, Katrina should be thanking her lucky stars, as even today, despite being dumped by her, Salman is ready to stand by her throughout the ups and down in her life.
Recently, in an exclusive conversation with the TOI, Kat got candid about her bonding with Salman and articulated that though they are not dating each other, she and the ‘Dabangg’ Khan are a part of each other’s life.
When asked why Salman treated her unlike his other former girlfriends, Katrina expressed, “We are both single. But he is there for me. We are a part of each other's lives in whatever capacity possible. And that is just between the two of us. I wouldn't like to talk about our present interactions.”

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