BJP wants Katrina Kaif for election campaign

Now Katrina Kaif has more takers, more people to gain from her fame. After her ‘Rahul Gandhi is half-Indian and half-Italian’ comment, the opposition party BJP is now keen to have the actress to campaign for them.     

BJP wants Kat! The Mumbai chief of BJP tells a tabloid that the party would try its best to get Katrina for the forthcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh and also for the BMC elections. So, you can expect to see your favourite Kat moving from reel to real, attending public rallies and meetings, speaking for the BJP.
Though Katrina was quick to apologize for the Rahul Gandhi comment and even said that it was misconstrued, BJP is happy that she is the first person to say this in public, and that she never retracted. According to the party people, Kat has given voice to the sentiments of millions of Indians who also feel the same way.
How did it start? Last week in an interview Katrina Kaif said that Gandhi scion Rahul Gandhi is half-Indian and half-Italian just like she is half British and half Indian. And this casual remark didn’t go down well with the Congress party people who were quite irked with the actress.
Politically incorrect! No matter what, Katrina remains a hot favourite of the masses, and to get her star power for the election campaigns will surely prove a great boost to the BJP party. But will Kat succumb to the offer? A question mark still looms over that.

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