Katrina Kaif's secret shoe fetish revealed

Actor Katrina Kaif may be known for her dressing sense, but the leggy lass has a fetish for something other than garments altogether.
A source close to the actor reveals Kaif is not as kicked about clothes as she is about shoes. In fact, Kaif loves footwear so much that whenever she visits any state or new country, she looks for unique shoes first.
"She has a cupboard full of shoes now and she’s still counting," says the source adding that Kaif has vowed to stop collecting so many shoes many times in the past, but she’s still to get to doing it.
"She keeps promising herself that she won’t indulge in footwear anymore for two reasons. First she’s running out of space to store them, especially during the monsoons. And secondly, she ends up wearing most of them only once and goes back to her select few favourites," says the source.
A friend close to the actor reveals another instance when Katrina was in London recently and ended up buying 12 pairs of boots at one go.
"A major chunk of her collection comprises boots. She has boots from various parts of the world. During her trip to London, Katrina spent one full day exploring the high end couture stores on Oxford Street. She picked up a chunk of accessories and outfits too, but it was the boots that took up most of her luggage space," says the friend. So a peek into Katrina’s shoe closet, or museum, as her friends call it, will reveal a rack dedicated to traditional footwear like mojris, another rack to the killer heels, one to flat and cute summer footwear and three to four racks full of boots of all kinds.
"She was in London to shoot for a film but Katrina made sure that she got at least one day off to go shopping," says the source.

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