Eli Handler's demise is sad news: Katrina Kaif

Elliot Handler, a pioneering toymaker who co-founded his company with his wife Ruth, passed away at 95 on July 22   
The couple produced their most popular product in 1959, when they created Barbie, a doll that went on to become a cultural icon. Interestingly, the doll was named after the Handlers' daughter, and the Ken doll that followed was named for their son.
The death of the icon got reactions from not only from family members but also celebrities around the world who didn't just endorse but also loved the doll. The Western media described him as the man who shaped the lives of girls all over the world. 

Katrina Kaif, who endorses the doll in India, says, "Eli Handler's demise is sad news. Along with his wife Ruth, who passed away in 2002, he created a world of fun and learning for children around the world. I am sure their vision will continue to provide happiness to children in the years to come as well. Like all young girls, I too have grown up with Barbie. She has been a friend and I have shared many experiences with her."

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