Salman Khan will be seen doing breath-taking action in 'Ek Tha Tiger'

Action is Salman Khan’s forte. Many would doubtlessly agree to that. But now, Salman is taking action and stunts to an altogether new standard with the Yashraj Films’ Ek Tha Tiger.
The film, to go on the floors soon, will have Salman pairing with Katrina Kaif. But what may knock the breath out of your lungs is not Sallu’s pairing with his ex flame, but his stunts. We hear that director Kabir Khan wants to give the stunts in the film a standard at par with those of films like the Bourne series.
Which means slicker and more stylish stunts by Salman Khan. Of course, it would require the actor to be in excellent shape, but then fitness has never been an issue with the gym loving Khan. Salman already has a body worth swooning over, and he will perfect it further for Ek Tha Tiger.

The film is a thriller set in many countries. Salman will be required to shoot action and stunt sequences at various locations throughout the world.

We’re sure his fans can’t wait for this film. We can’t either.

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