Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor: Who’s chasing whom?

Actors and rumoured lovers in the past, Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif came face to face at a multiplex event on Kaif’s birthday recently, but as things turn out, Kapoor was not on the official guest list of theevent. In fact, no one was aware that he would be there at the same time as Kaif.

Then how did it happen? Well, Kapoor, according to sources, had bought a ‘normal ticket’ for one screen in the same multiplex concurring with Katrina’s arrival there. The time of Kaif’s arrival and Ranbir’s show timing coincided, and that’s how they came face to face.
“Ranbir was not on the guest list of the event where the film’s cast was supposed to interact with the audience at the multiplex. The event was planned weeks in advance and everybody knew when it was going to happen. Ranbir was not on the official guest list and we also hadn’t invited him separately,” said a staff member of the multiplex. An official release of the event confirmed this.
So how did Kapoor reach the multiplex exactly at the same time when Kaif was coming? Nobody seems to be aware of that, except for the fact that Ranbir had booked a ticket over the phone as he wanted to see the movie. Sadly, since all the seats in the theatre (where Katrina was coming to interact with the audience) were booked, he was given a seat in the screen adjacent to it.
“Both spotted each other, but neither greeted the other, or even made an effort. Ranbir went inside the hall and watched the movie, while Katrina left after waving and signing a few autographs. The rest of the star cast and the director were also there,” the theatre staff added.

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