'I am Not in a Relationship with Anyone' - Katrina

Katrina Kaif may have come from nowhere, but she is undoubtedly Bollywodd's hottest star today. She has tasted tremendous success in recent times, and one must give a fair share of her success to Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan.
Recently while talking to a glamour magazine, she spoke from her heart, but with a pinch of diplomacy.
She insists she had no 'relationship' with Ranbir Kapoor, but claims they have been 'good friends'. "We have been good friends for about two years, and that is chiefly because we have been part of two important movies. We are not in each other's lives now, may be because we are not doing movie together!"
She denies Ranbir cheated and broke up with her for Nargis Fakri. "We have never been in a 'relationship', and never been dating, so where is the question of cheating?" Katrina is full of praise for Ranbir, and says, "He is very  nice person, working with him is a joy!"
She also denies going back to Salman Khan, with whom she had a relationship before getting friendly with Ranbir. "It is not true at all. Salman and I had a different equation then, now the equation has changed, and now we are just friends."
Whatever may be the case, the 'sexiest woman of 2011' title has increased her glamour quotient and she is indeed in demand.

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