Katrina Kaif turns biker

Things have not been hunky-dory between Katrina Kaif and John Abraham since they were last seen together in New York, thanks to Salman Khan’s snide comments against John.
But that hasn’t stopped Katrina from being inspired by biker John.
Recently, the usually demure actor was spotted zooming past Andheri Link Road on an uber cool Hayabusa bike, clad in black pants and a gray top, and no she was not riding on the pillion seat.
Her manager, however, seems to be deeply concerned by this daredevil avatar of hers. “We were not very happy about her riding a bike, that too without her bodyguards,” he says, adding that of late Katrina has become adventurous. “She is on the lookout for an action-oriented script. She wants to go all out and do stunts and other daredevilry.”
When Katrina rode her hot wheels, the people around didn’t even realise that it was the same romantic heroine, until she took off her helmet. “Even before I could react to her, she zoomed off,” says an eyewitness who caught a glimpse of her. “She looked so comfortable.”
Her manager later mentioned that Kat had expressed her desire to learn to ride the bike. And she successfully completed her training in less than 10 days. Looks like she has learnt a lot from John, behind Sallu’s back.

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