Katrina: Shooting on a nude beach was funny!

It is raining outside and Katrina Kaif says that on rainy days she feels like "cuddling up in bed and watching movies, or playing in the rain -- what I don't feel like doing is working!" Or worrying about a leaking flat. Like most Mumbaikars at this time of year, Katrina says, "My house is leaking very badly. It is a seven-floor building and I live on the top floor. My living room has been leaking and I had to move all the furniture to one side and it makes me angry."
Come rain or leaking roofs, the show must go on, so she settles down to telling Patcy N about her forthcoming film Zindagi Na Milege Dobara, her opinion of her three male co-stars, and shooting on a nude beach in Spain.
It looks like you had lots of fun shooting for Zindagi Na Milege Dobara since it was a youthful team.
Yes, it was one of those experiences that don't come often. That's the whole fun of movie-making -- you get to live the life you wouldn't normally. Your experience becomes the whole journey.
When we were shooting for New York, the process of making the film made an impact on me and the same with Raajneeti. This, again, was a journey. We were in Spain where every city is like a different kind of world. Valencia looks like a painting, in Barcelona we went for an all-night concert... these are experiences we don't get otherwise. That's the part of joy of making a movie, you are very privileged in that way.

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