Salman Khan chops out Ranbir Kapoor

There’s no actor Ranbir Kapoor in the film made and distributed by Salman Khan. When every filmmaker tries to ensure that the ‘item song’ gets a proper visibility in the film, Khan and his co-producers have done the opposite.
The item song with Kapoor in it has apparently been moved to air after end credits of the film. So only the audiences who will choose to stay after the film and after the end credits roll out, will be able to see the item song done by Ranbir Kapoor called 'Tai Tai Phis'.
Khan and Kapoor have been sharing cold vibes ever since the rumours of Kapoor dating Khan’s rumoured former flame, actress Katrina Kaif surfaced. Khan also apparently made references to Kapoor with Kaif when she made an appearance on Bigg Boss 4that he was hosting. The two stars have always kept a safe distance from each other.
“Ranbir shot for the item song long before Salmancame on board as a producer. By the time he agreed to be a co-producer, Ranbir’s item song was already complete for the film. He knew that there’s nothing we could do about it and we could afford only one item song for the film,” says a source.
So, sources say that a clever decision was taken to include the song in the film but in such a way that it doesn’t come into the visibility at all. Instead, the song was released to channels and the web as a promotional song.
“We had initially thought that song will come immediately after the interval but we moved it out after the end credits. In any film, the audience walk out when the end credits start rolling. In this way, the song is there but after the entire film and not in it,” the source adds.
Nobody knows who took the decision but Khan apparently didn’t have a problem in pushing the high value item song after the last credit line rolls out.
Another interesting development is the exclusion of Kapoor from all film related events.
“When the premiere was happening, Kapoor was in town. Though an invite was sent to him, it appeared more official than personal. So, Ranbir was missing from the premiere. He was also not part of any of the big promotional activities of the film and all of them were planned with Salman,” says another source, adding that Khan agreed to be a producer of the film and promote the film because his earlier film with the same producers (Main Aur Mrs Khanna) was a flop and he wanted to compensate in some way.

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